Frequently Asked Questions

Using my TomTom device

I need advice on using my new TomTom device.

We would be more than happy to help you in using your brand new TomTom device. Please visit www.tomtom.com/support for further information.

How can I ensure my TomTom device is kept up to date?

If you have not already done so please connect your new TomTom device and visit www.tomtom.com/getstarted to ensure your device is up-to-date.

TomTom VIA Promotion

How long do I need to wait for the activation code after I have registered?

The voucher code will be sent via e-mail within ten (10) working days of registration providing your claim is valid.
What if my claim is rejected due to some missing information?

If you are contacted via e-mail and notified that your claim is invalid (should your claim for example be invalid due to proof of purchase not provided) we will give you the opportunity to double check your claim and re-submit within ten (10) working days with correct information to make your claim valid.

What if I have bought a model that is not eligible for the promotion?

If you did not buy an eligible model, unfortunately you cannot participate in the promotion. For further information on eligible models please view our terms and conditions. Please click here.

Is it possible to check the status of my claim online?

Yes. To check the status of your claim online please click here. You will need to have your unique username and password provided to you upon initial registration via email.

I do not have my original receipt or any proof of purchase. Is there a possibility that I can still participate in the promotion?

Unfortunately, no there is not. In order to participate in the promotion, you need a copy of the original receipt / proof of purchase. For further information please click here

I have lost my registration confirmation email / activation code, what can I do?

Please click here and enter the email address that you registered with to retrieve a copy of your registration confirmation email and / or activation code. Please contact us at tomtom@promotion-update.com and we will resend you code via email.

Registration process

I am unable to register online, can I still participate in the promotion?

This promotion is managed by online redemption only. Unfortunately there is no alternative to online registration. 

What do I have to do with my registration confirmation code email / unique registration number?

Please keep your registration confirmation email / unique registration number in in case you need to contact us regarding your claim.

Where can I find the serial number?

The serial number is located in two places: On the back of the device and on the original packaging.

Please see the examples below with the serial number marked in red. 


Scope of the promotion

What if I bought my TomTom device in a country where I do not live?

You must be resident of the country where you bought the product.

What if I have bought the device or live in a country that does not participate in the promotion?

In order to be eligible for the promotion, you will need to buy a participating product within your residential country.

Privacy and Data Protection

Who can I contact with regards to privacy and data protection?

Please visit www.tomtom.com/legal/privacy/

How can I stop receiving TomTom commercial information?

When you receive newsletters or promotional communications from us, you may indicate a preference to stop receiving further communications from us. You may do so by choosing to “opt-out”, following the unsubscribe instructions provided in the e-mail you receive. You can also contact us directly at http://tomtom.com/support. However, regardless of your indicated email preferences, we may send you service emails regarding our products and services or notifications of any updates to the terms and conditions or privacy policy.

You may change any of the personal information in your account by editing your account information. Please log on your myTomTom at www.tomtom.com.